Can be kept for 1 year!? Surprize wedding cake.

Tada—-n :D!
Apporogize first that Today’s post might not be a lazy recipe,
How do you react if you were asked to make a wedding cake?

It actually happened to me a year ago…

When I first got the request from my childhood friend,
I was thinking how can I manage time for making such a big cake without professional tools and in the limited amont of time.

Since I was kinda busy & lazy person who love sleeping, I wished to have a proper sleep the day before I attend the ceremony
coz I was also asked to do some performance during the party.

While I was desparetely reading one recipe book,
I suddeny reached to one idea. – a sugarcraft cake:D !

It said sugarcraft cakes are originally come from British, which use sugar paste to cover the dry fruit cake with some alcohol so that can be kept for a year…

That’s the one!!! Google had been my great teacher since sugar craft cake is not common in Japan.

First thing to do when making a  sugarcraft is make a sugarpaste.

r01-2-250 IMG_2494 - コピー


DSC00028_small 68749-loop4

It was terrible when I first tried to make the top part as a trial 😦
Phewww =333
IMG_2496 - コピー

I learned that I need to complately dry all parts before I stick it together X( !!!

Making sugar paste is like a bakery or clay fun.
It made me to get muscle pain in the end!

Inside of the sugar arts, I had to bake a fruit cake separately.
Only dried fruits and nuts were put and covered with the brandy and sugar.

12211609_4ef18613171e9  クルミ~1 ドレンチェリー

It took me for 4 hours to finish all chopping, mixing & baking.
but I could do it a week before the ceremony. Thank god I still had time to prepare for the decoration…!!

before start the decoration,
fruit cake needs to be covered by  marzipan.

IMG_2594 - コピー IMG_2597 - コピー IMG_2598 - コピー

After that, it was re-covered by sugar paste & decorated with other parts made of sugar paste as well 🙂

It took me an hour just to decide the dots pattern….

IMG_2604 - コピー

After I covered everything, I put the sugar ribbon & pearl on the top, then it was finally done :D!


When I was carrying the cake to the church I was dying due to the big pressure not to break the wedding cake :((((

Although it took such a long time for preparation,
I was so happy to see my best friend’s stunning smile at the special day.



That was the biggest cake that I ever made in my life.
At least I can say that I was not very lazy at that moment 😛



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